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What can you discuss with Dr Shuchita Batra ?

Dr Shuchita Batra is of the view that it becomes difficult for individuals to find out what is ‘Normal’ and what is not as far as the reproductive and sexual capabilities are concerned.

  • Do Not Feel Uncomfortable

We know that many people feel uncomfortable because they are very shy to discuss reproductive and sexual issues with even the doctors. To all those patients, Dr Shuchita Batra Goyal – thebest gynaecologist in Punjab wants to inform them that she is not going to judge them. They can feel comfortable discussing such issues with her

    • Painful Periods – Is It Hard To Endure That?

      • The Abnormal Growths In Vagina or perinum?

Is your vagina experiencing abnormal growths like the pimple at the labia? Then this should be taken as a worrisome condition which demands immediate treatment.

      • The Vagina Is Remaining Dry Throughout The Intercourse

When the individuals are intimate, then owing to the sex drive the female experience vaginal wetness. But in case, the vagina is remaining dry throughout the sexual act, then it is not normal and is one of the predominant factors for uncomfortable sex.

It could be!

The reason for the dryness might be public infection. Or it could be some kind of sexual disorder.

To make sure that it is not getting progressed, it should be taken to the doctor.

      • The Sex Is Getting Painful!

Is your sex is getting painful? But it should not be so as it could be signifying some kind of serious reproductive or sexual issue.

Please Note!

When the gynaecologist will be assessing your condition, then it will be quite normal for her to ask some questions which may seem weird to you. But you are expected to be honest in answering such questions as these are going to help the doctor to frame an individualised remediable plan for your condition.