Minimally Invasive Procedure To Check Digestive and resperatory Tract and mediastinum EUS Procedure in Ludhiana, India

  • Success rate: 92% to 100%
  • No Expose to Radiation
  • Time Taken: 30 Minutes-90 minutes
  • Combines Endoscopy & Ultrasound Imaging
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    Best Endoscopic Ultrasonography Doctor in Ludhiana, Punjab

    Endoscopic Ultrasound in Ludhiana, Punjab, EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasonography) is a modern technique that assesses digestive and lung diseases. A special kind of endoscope is used that takes the high-frequency sound waves into account for producing the detailed images of:

    • Walls of the digestive tract
    • Walls of the Chest
    • Nearby organs such as:(These organs are otherwise inaccissible by endoscope )
      • Pancreas
      • Liver
      • Lymph Nodes

    It also carries the advantage of minimally invasive procedure as an alternative to open surgical biopsy. Ludhiana Gastro and Gynae Centre has the perfect setup to perform EUS and all other sorts of gastro related procedures.

    Endoscopy Ultrasonography


    What are the indications of EUS?

    There are various signs which tell that you need to get EUS to diagnose different gastro-related issues like:

    • Cancer of the lung, pancreas, stomach, colon, rectal, and ampullary. Through the test, it is checked how far cancer has spread.
    • Pancreatitis and pancreatic pseudocyst drainage
    • Lymphoma of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Barrett’s esophagus evaluation and taking a biopsy
    • Neuroendocrine tumors removal, eg. GIST
    • Bile duct stones removal
    • Sarcoidosis
    • Blood in stool

    Apart from that, this test helps to evaluate and consollidate the findings from the following Imaging tests such as:

    • CT scan
    • MRI


    How can EUS help you?

    1. With EUS, it has become more convenient to find out the intensity and depth at which tumour has penetrated the abdominal wall in the following:
      • Esophageal
      • Gastric
      • Rectal
      • Pancreatic
      • Lung Cancers
    2. It helps to find out the extent to which cancer has spread
    3. It aids in finding out if the cancer is also making its way to the lymph nodes and the other kinds of the organs
    4. It helps to provide accurate information about non-small cell cancer cells. With that treatment can be guided.
    5. It becomes convenient to find out the abnormal findings through the imaging tests from the following:
      • Cysts
      • Pancreas
    6. If the fluid has abnormally collected in the abdomen, then this ultrasound helps to have detailed information about it and facilitate its removal


    Is It An Outpatient Procedure Or An In-Patient Procedure?

    EUS is one of the outpatient procedures which means the patients can go home the same day once the procedure is performed.


    What are the steps to perform endoscopic ultrasound?

    EUS is referred to as an outpatient method which your doctor is going to perform either by giving you sedation or local anesthesia. The following steps are done to perform EUS:

    • To put the endoscopic tube in the throat a numbing solution spray is put or you will be sedated. This is done so that you don’t feel any pain.
    • At first, a mouthpiece is put as you are lying on one side. Throughout the test you won’t have problem breathing.
    • The endoscope is put into the mouth which helps to check the stomach, esophagus, and then to the small intestine.nearby organs loike lungs , pancres end lymper nodes are assessed and respective
      proceduce done
    • It takes around 30 to 90 minutes to perform the procedure.


    Endoscopic Ultrasound Test Price in Ludhiana

    Know the Cost -The cost of the endoscopic ultrasound in Ludhiana may range between INR 15,000 to 50,000/-. The exact amount will be known when you consult the doctor.

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    If you would like to get this endoscope ultrasound done for any sort of specific health issue or you are not sure what your ultrasound result means then consult Dr. Kartik Goyal for detailed information about everything.



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    Making the patients well-informed about the condition & treatment gives them the confidence to make the right medical decision.

    Samarat Tyagi ,59 yrs

    Last year I was diagnosed with mediastinal cancer, so Dr. Kartik Goyal suggested that I undergo EUS to better detect the stage of cancer. Through the ultrasound, it helped me to know better how my treatment plan needs to be made was early stages and managed will by him and his team If you have any sort of gastro health concern then make sure to consult him

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    1What are the steps to prepare for the endoscopic ultrasound?

    If you are going to get upper GI tract EUS then follow the given steps:

    • No need to eat or drink anything at atleast 6 hours before the ultrasound.
    • You need to wear loose-fitted clothes, comfort is important.
    • Ask someone to drive back you home

    If you are going to get lower GI tract EUS then follow the given steps:

    You must prepare yourself properly for the ultrasound by following only a liquid diet at least 24 hours before it. Laxatives are an ideal way to ensure your bowel movement is cleared.

    2 What to expect after undergoing the endoscopic ultrasound?

    EUS is performed by a specialized gastroenterologist who is properly trained and knows how to perform it. You can get back to a liquid diet after only 30 minutes. In case the biopsy is done or any other treatment plan, then make sure to talk to the doctor about what you should do.

    3 Is it possible to perform the EUS for the pancreas?

    To diagnose the problem with the pancreas EUS plays a very important role. As these are used along with CT or MRI which makes it easier to understand what is the issue. The possible cases in which it can be performed are dilated pancreatic duct, inflamed pancreas, dilated bile duct,pancreative preudocys , acute pancreatitis, and much more.

    4 Is there any risk of endoscopic ultrasound?

    EUS is a safe procedure. Research has shown that just 1% to 2% of patients will have bleeding, infection, pain, and acute pancreatitis.

    5 Is it possible that EUS can lead to pancreatitis

    pancreatitis is very rare

    6 Will my medical insurance cover the EUS procedure?

    EUS is covered under most of the medical services. For better clarity over your thoughts, you should talk to the insurance provider.