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    Vaginoplasty in Ludhiana, Punjab

    Vaginoplasty is a method that the doctor conducts in order to repair or reconstruct a vagina. With the help of vaginoplasty, the doctor can treat various health conditions. Some of those conditions include pelvic floor diseases, complications, and vaginal injury due to childbirth. Besides that, the doctor also uses vaginoplasty to create a transgender vagina which helps the people to get the gender they associate with.

    What Happens During Vaginoplasty Surgery?

    Based on your requirements and medical needs, the doctor will perform a vaginoplasty procedure that best suits you. It basically includes the recreation or reconstruction of the vagina. The surgeons use various surgical treatments to achieve that.

    Who Is The Right Candidate For Vaginoplasty?

    1. Vaginoplasty in Ludhiana is perfect for those seeking reconstruction of the vagina because of childbirth traumas to improve sexual functions. 
    2. Women who have undergone excision of the vagina or radiation to cure cancer or other health conditions. They would require vaginal reconstruction.
    3. Transgender people who are thinking of undergoing gender affirmation surgery. 
    4. It is ideal for women who have congenital abnormalities, and hence it affects the development of the vagina.

    What Is The Difference Between Vaginoplasty And Vagina Rejuvenation?

    With the help of Vaginoplasty in Punjab, you will be able to improve the appearance of the vagina. It also helps in correcting the function of the vagina.

    Whereas the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation includes:

    1. Vulvoplasty: It allows the doctor to reshape the outer part of the vagina.
    2. Labiaplasty: This procedure allows the patients to even out or reduce the fleshy lobes of the vagina (Labia).

    How To Prepare Before Vaginoplasty?

    Before the doctors begin with the procedure of vaginoplasty, they would ask you to undergo specific tests and assessments to prepare you for the treatment. Some of these examinations include:


    1. You would have to take some physical tests to evaluate your health and find out more about your medical history.
    2. The doctor would describe all the risks. Benefits and postsurgical care.
    3. Advise you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking to reduce the complications as much as possible.
    4. For those transgender women who are undergoing vaginoplasty for gender affirmation. Our doctor would conduct pre-operative requirements such as genital hair removal. 

    What To Expect During The Vaginoplasty Surgery?

    When the doctor is conducting a vaginoplasty to repair the injuries the woman got after childbirth, the procedure involves:


    1. They will remove extra skin.
    2. The doctor would stitch to secure the loose tissue.
    3.  They would reduce the opening size of the vagina.


    In order to repair the congenital disabilities or problems from birth, the doctor performs vaginoplasty that involves the procedures as such:


    1. They would create a functional vagina
    2. They would remove abnormal structures or additional tissues.
    3. They would prevent blood from pooling during menstruation.

    What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Vaginoplasty?

    These are some common advantages of undergoing vaginoplasty from Ludhiana Gastro And Gynae Centre.


    1. It helps you tailor the end result as per your requirements and demand.
    2. With the help of vaginoplasty, you can restore tightness to the vaginal area for a better sexual experience.
    3. Vaginoplasty allows you to notice the overall enhancement of the treated area.
    4. It helps you to improve your sexual gratification and stimulation.
    5. Vaginoplasty provides the possibility of enhancing the sexual experience.
    6. It improves your existing medical conditions, including urinary incontinence.