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    High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Ludhiana, Punjab

    High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Ludhiana, Punjab, Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in any woman’s life. During pregnancy, every woman needs to follow a proper routine course to ensure the delivery goes easily. Although, sometimes a woman faces difficulties during her pregnancy which might impact her and the baby’s health. In medical terms, it is referred to as high-risk pregnancy. Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Centre has all the necessary facilities to ensure special care is given to every woman for the best possible outcome. Dr. Shuchita Batra is one of the known obstetricians in Punjab with board certification to give the best care for high-risk pregnancies. Her approach and necessary suggestions will minimize complications.

    High Rish Pregancies

    What are the factors of a high-risk pregnancy?

    Here is the list of different factors which tells that pregnancy is categorized as high-risk pregnancy:

    • Teenage pregnancy and pregnancy above the age of 35
    • Women who have a history of pregnancy loss, previous preterm delivery, and increased blood pressure and gestational diabetes, or any other medical problem like mental health issue can create a problem
    • Women who currently have health issues like cardiac disease, anemia, platelet disorders, liver issue, diabetes mellitus, blood dyscrasia, and hemoglobinopathy.
    • Women are diagnosed with autoimmune problems like thyroid, renal problems, and endocrine problems.

    Moreover, the daily lifestyle choice will make a lot of differences like alcohol intake, smoking, and use of illicit drugs.


    Symptoms of High-Risk Pregnancy

    It’s of utmost importance that you consult the OB/GYN when you are pregnant. You need to tell the doctor if there is any medical condition you have at present and what measures you are taking to manage it. At Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Center, we have a team where you will look at all the possible signs and symptoms to make sure the problem does not increase with time. The most common signs with high-risk pregnancy are:

    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Chronic pain in belly and pelvis
    • Fluid leak from the vagina
    • Losing consciousness
    • breathless ness
    • convussions
    • decrease in vision

    How to diagnose high-risk pregnancy?

    A high-risk pregnancy is diagnosed in different ways when you choose to consult a medical expert. Different tests are done to check the high-risk pregnancy problem. To have a better look at the symptoms the doctor will perform the given test:

    • Blood testing: The routine blood test makes it easier to check the underlying condition like gestational diabetes. Make sure to get prenatal monitoring and treatment from time to time.
    • Ultrasound: The targeted ultrasound allows us to see the baby’s picture in the womb and look at what is the issue.
    • Urinalysis: The test makes it easier to check preeclampsia and it helps to tell if there is more protein in the urine.

    Treatment for High-risk pregnancy

    As per the risk factors and the diagnostic test results, the gynae will customize a high-risk pregnancy treatment plan for you. At our centre, we have all the necessities to take the best care of you and your baby. Throughout the pregnancy journey, you will get professional guidance to manage everything. Some of the common treatment options in different situations are:

    • Gestational diabetes: One of the major complications which affect pregnancy. Make sure to follow a healthy diet plan and do as the doctor has told you.
    • High blood pressure: Pregnancy can make changes in your blood pressure. You need to make sure to limit the salt intake and do exercise regularly. Make sure that you limit the salt intake and exercise daily.
    • Pre-eclampsia: For all those mid symptoms, make sure to rest properly. Additionally, you have to take Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

    High-risk pregnancy treatment cost in Ludhiana

    When you consult the doctor you will have a better idea about the cost. As every patient is different from one another which means the pregnancy will be altogether different. Schedule your consultation with our obstetrician to know better what to do.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    Whether you have just found out you’re pregnant or it has been a few weeks, you need to have doctor guidance throughout the pregnancy journey. Schedule your initial consultation with our doctor at Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Center to make your pregnancy journey easy and smooth.


    Trust The Word Of Our Happy Patient

    Making the patients well-informed about the condition & treatment gives them the confidence to make the right medical decision.

    Aruna Choudhary

    My daughter went through her pregnancy with Dr. Suchita’s help. She has always guided us towards common myths which we use to follow. Exercise, diet, 3 liters of water, all these simple things helped my daughter to deliver through normal delivery. A common myth of swollen feet was also discussed. I appreciate her concern and familiar behavior with patients and attendants.
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    1Which conditions can increase high-risk pregnancy chances?
    • Diabetes One of the common reasons for high-risk pregnancy. In case you have diabetes even before you get pregnant then make sure to monitor it daily and take all the necessary medications from time to time. You need to manage your health, monitor glucose levels, and get nutrition counseling.
    • Hypertension Even before conceiving if you have this issue then consult the doctor. Certain medications will help you manage your condition of hypertension with ease.
    • Obesity Obesity can also increase the risk of having all the health issues which make pregnancy complicated. Make sure to talk to the doctor about how to manage it.
    2Will all my pregnancies be high-risk?

    If you have one high-risk pregnancy it does not mean in the future it will happen the same with you. So, not every time you will have fetal complications. It’s better to consult the obstetrics from time to time to manage the pregnancy and ensure all the things happen easily. You need the doctor’s expertise to make sure you and your baby’s health are all fine in all ways.

    3What are the steps to promote a healthy pregnancy?

    Most important is that you stay healthy so that your pregnancy journey goes with ease. No doubt, as the current scenario is way too different which is the reason complications increase. This is why, it’s essential that before pregnancy you start following a healthy diet plan and some of the factors which reduce risk of high-pregnancy are:

    • Regular intake of folic acid
    • Manage your body weight and have a healthy diet
    • Get proper immunization
    • Do not smoke & drink
    • Do not miss out on the prenatal care appointments