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    Labiaplasty Doctor in Ludhiana, Labiaplasty Surgery in Ludhiana

    Plastic surgery is one of the most common procedures that people undergo nowadays. Still, there are very few people who might have heard about labiaplasty. Some might have heard the name but do not know what exactly it is for!

    Let us get into this topic and gain insight without no biasedness.

    What Is Labiaplasty?

    To give you a clear understanding, a labiaplasty is also known as vaginal rejuvenation. A Labiaplasty Doctor in Ludhiana conducts the procedure that involves modifying the labia minora, inner lips, and labia majora, or outer lip.

    Most of the time, the doctors perform Labiaplasty Surgery in Ludhiana on the labia minora. They are the fold that is closest to the clitoris, and it makes a tucked-in appearance.

    But what are the raisins behind the need to take a blade to their bits? Let us delve deeper to get further information on this.

    Why Do People Undergo Labiaplasty?

    Did you know there is a huge range of what might qualify as normal labia? Sometimes the labia might be a little too long or sometimes too small. Sometimes it could be thin or sometimes too thick. Labia could also be symmetrical and shaped so that you can notice the clit; sometimes, it is impossible.

    Many doctors often associate labia with earlobes to better understand the need to undergo labiaplasty. Basically, no two lobes have the same length, thickness, or color. Just like that, no two labia or vulva are the same.

    A doctor performs labiaplasty if the patient’s labia are too long or they think it is too long. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps people get the desired look that they envision after proper consultancy.

    What Is The Procedure Of Labiaplasty?

    In the beginning, there was only one procedure that the doctor performed. But with the change of time and the advancement of techniques in the medical field. And with advancement, experts have evolved various methods, including the procedure of labiaplasty. The procedure that the doctor follows to perform labiaplasty are:

    • Trim Procedure

    It is the original technique and the most natural out of them all. Besides that, it is also one of the most popular techniques that experts use for labiaplasty. In this procedure, the doctor removes the extra part of the labia minora and then further sutures it so that it is symmetrical with the labia majora.

    • Wedge Procedure

    A second technique is the wedge procedure. In this procedure, the surgeons remove the partial thickness wedge from the thickest part of the labia minora. The surgeon should leave the submucosa (a layer of tissue beneath a mucous membrane). This is possible if the surgeon removes the partial thickness. With the help of this procedure, the patients will be able to give their vagina a normal look as per their requirements and preserve the wrinkled edges.

    In fact, there are many other techniques that help surgeons reduce labia minora. And all these techniques have their equal set of advantages and disadvantages as per your demands. If you are considering undergoing labiaplasty, the key point to getting the perfect outcome is to make sure that you choose the right plastic surgeon who is board certified.

    Final Comments

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