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Gastroenterology Treatments

Gastroenterology or Gastrointestinal Treatments in Ludhiana Punjab, Dr. Kartik Goyal is one of the acclaimed Gastroenterologists in Punjab. In his medical expertise of 10 years, his out-of-the-box thinking made a difference in many patient’s lives.

Intragastric Balloon For Weight Loss

Intragastric balloon placement is the approach to keep deflated balloons in the stomach & inflate it this fill it with normal soline , which decrease the space and capacityof stomach , hence . reducing hunges. in stomach For overweight people, it is the right approach.

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EUS ( Endoscopic Ultrasound)

EUS comes under the category of minimally invasive approach for problem of mediastinum and non-approached organs of lady, mainly to take leiopsy and remove cancerous tissue.

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Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography procedure to diagnose and treat problems in the bile ducts, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Endoscope & X-ray are used main indication-stone remove from ducts and stent placement.

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Colonoscopy is one of the known procedures for checking the changes or any issues in the colon & rectum area. The flexible tube is put into the rectum area. The device contains a camera which allows you to see everything.

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Sigmoidoscopy is one of the tests to see the rectum and lower intestine area. Being a flexible device makes it easier to detect the issue.

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To see the hollow organs or the cavity of the body, the endoscopes are inserted directly into the Esophagus , stomach or instestines to obtain the images.

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Piles are also known as hemorrhoids which are enlarged vessels present around or inside the anus area. Only when the problem is severe the symptoms are visible.

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