Ectopic Pregnancy

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    What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

    The pregnancy that takes place outside of the uterus is known as ectopic pregnancy. The condition occurs when the egg, which was supposed to implant inside the uterus, implants in an area that is incapable of helping it grow. Usually, in ectopic pregnancy, the eggs stick to the structure that connects your uterus to your ovaries, called the fallopian tube. In some rare cases, ectopic pregnancy can occur in the ovary, abdominal cavity or cervix. Ectopic pregnancies are unable to continue as the uterus is the ideal location to carry the baby.
    In case you experience ectopic pregnancy, you must consult a doctor for treatment of ectopic pregnancy as it can become dangerous and even life-threatening, especially if there is any damage to the fallopian tube. An ectopic pregnancy with a damaged or ruptured fallopian tube can result in heavy bleeding and infections and, in some cases, can even cause death. It is a medical emergency that calls for immediate treatment for ectopic pregnancy in ludhiana.

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    Where Does An ectopic Pregnancy Take Place?

    Ectopic pregnancy happens when an egg that is fertilised implants on the outer lining of the uterus. Generally, the egg is supposed to move from the ovary through the fallopian tube to the inside of the uterus and stick itself to its lining, where it can grow. In ectopic pregnancy, the egg does not reach the inside of the uterus and implants itself on one of the structures that are on its way. Most of the ectopic pregnancies happen inside the fallopian tube.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Ectopic Pregnancy?

    The initial symptoms of ectopic pregnancy can be nearly identical to normal pregnancy symptoms. You may also experience some other symptoms associated with ectopic pregnancy. These symptoms may include:

    • Bleeding in vagina.
    • Pain in lower back, pelvis and lower abdomen.
    • Weakness or dizziness.

    In case there is damage or rupture to the fallopian tube, then it might lead to some other severe symptoms such as:

    • Fainting
    • Shoulder pain
    • Rectal bleeding
    • Bowel problems

    The rupture in the fallopian tube can cause sudden and stinging pain in the lower abdomen, which is considered a medical emergency and, therefore, requires a quick consultation with a doctor for treatment of ectopic pregnancy in ludhiana.

    What Are The Causes Of Ectopic Pregnancy?

    Ectopic pregnancy occurs when several conditions disrupt the movement of the egg by slowing it down or blocking it as it travels down the fallopian tube. This could be because:

    • You have adhesions, swelling or scar tissue from a pelvic surgery in the past.
    • There is damage to your fallopian tube due to reasons such as sexually transmitted infections.
    • You have a fallopian tube that has been irregularly shaped since birth.
    • You have growth that is blocking your fallopian tube.

    Who Is At Risk Of Having An Ectopic Pregnancy?

    Several risk factors can contribute to the elevation in the chances of developing an ectopic pregnancy. There are higher chances for you to experience ectopic pregnancy if you have had:

    • An ectopic pregnancy in the past.
    • A history of an infection known as a pelvic inflammatory disease can result in the development of scar tissue in the fallopian tube, uterus, and ovaries.
    • Surgery on the fallopian tubes that include tubal ligation or on the other organs of the pelvic area.
    • Infertility issues in the past.
    • Treatment for infertility with IVF.
    • Endometriosis.
    • Sexually transmitted infections.
    • History of smoking tobacco
    • An IUD is in place during conception.

    In case you get pregnant with an IUD in place or have a history of tubal ligation, then it is essential for you to immediately seek treatment for ectopic pregnancy in Ludhiana as it is more likely to occur in these situations. Also, if you experience any symptoms, any sort of medication should be consumed under the guidance of a healthcare professional.