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Here are 10 high-risk pregnancy conditions that can increase the likelihood of a Caesarean section (C-section)

1. *Multiple Pregnancies:*

Women carrying twins, triplets, or more are at a higher risk of requiring a C-section due to the increased complexity of multiple births.

2. *Breech Presentation:*

When the baby is positioned feet or buttocks first instead of headfirst in the womb (breech presentation), a C-section may be recommended to avoid complications during delivery.

3. *Placenta Previa:*

This condition occurs when the placenta partially or completely covers the cervix, which can lead to severe bleeding during vaginal delivery, necessitating a C-section.

4. *Preeclampsia:*

Women with severe preeclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure and organ damage, may require a C-section to protect both the mother and baby.

5. *Gestational Diabetes:*

Poorly controlled gestational diabetes can lead to large fetal size (macrosomia), which may increase the likelihood of a C-section due to potential delivery complications.

6. *Maternal Health Conditions:*

Certain maternal health issues, such as heart disease or chronic hypertension, can make vaginal delivery riskier, leading to a C-section recommendation.

7. *Previous C-section:*

Women who have had a previous C-section may be at risk of requiring another C-section in subsequent pregnancies, depending on the type of uterine incision from the previous surgery.

8. *Fetal Distress:*

Signs of fetal distress, such as abnormal heart rate patterns or a lack of oxygen, may necessitate a C-section for a quicker and safer delivery.

9. *Fetal Abnormalities:*

In cases where the fetus has congenital anomalies or developmental issues that could affect vaginal delivery, a C-section may be recommended.

10. *Obstructed Labor:*

If the baby’s head is too large to pass through the mother’s pelvis (cephalopelvic disproportion), or if labor has stalled (prolonged labor), a C-section may be necessary.

It’s important to note that while these conditions can increase the risk of a C-section, the decision to perform a C-section is made by healthcare providers based on the specific circumstances and the best interests of both the mother and the baby’s health. Each pregnancy is unique, and medical professionals carefully evaluate the situation to ensure the safest delivery method.

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1. Pre eclampsia (gestational hypertension) with growth restriction:

A 2 nd gravida patient with history of severe hypertension in previous pregnancy with preterm delivery at 8 months, previous baby weight 950 gms. She was started on antihypertensives and blood thinners along with progesterone since the beginning. During this pregnancy, she delivered a healthy baby of 1.9 kg at 35 weeks in this pregnancy.

2. Previous 3 abortions

A female who had conceived 4 th time but was afraid as she already had 3 missed abortions. She was LA positive ( autoimmune disorder), hence started on low molecular weight heparin injections and this pregnancy continued. She delivered a healthy baby vaginally at 37 weeks by normal delivery.

4. Cholestasis of pregnancy

A 29 years female, 2 nd Gravida with history of severe jaundice in previous pregnancy (hepatitis and cholestasis), she had severe post partum hemorrhage and received blood and FFP. During this pregnancy, early liver function tests monitoring done, and she was started on ursodeoxycholic acid at the 6 th month once cholestasis started developing again. SHe delivered a healthy baby at 9 months pregnancy with no complications during hospital stay, discharged on 3 rd day of delivery.
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