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Hear from Dr Shuchita Batra – What is IVF? Why do you need it?

Ludhiana Gastro and Gynae Centre which is one Best IVF Centres in Punjab have helped thousands of couples to achieve their dream of lifting their biological baby in their hands. Dr. Shuchita Batra who is the head of the Gynaecologic and the Laparoscopic department has left no stone unturned in restoring the reproductive potential in infertility distressed couples.

Dr. Shuchita Batra says, “ The IVF treatment can only be successful if both the fertility experts and the couples show 100% co-operation.”

Anyhow, let us discuss the IVF procedure in detail

What Is IVF?

It is one of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) Procedure that aims at fertilising the egg with the sperm in the lab. The fertilised egg which then becomes an embryo is incubated for about 3 to 5 days by the doctors. In this period, the traits of the embryo are noticed. If it comes out to be healthy and suitable for implantation, then it is placed in the uterus. After two weeks when the embryo gets attached to the uterine lining and the woman has conceived, the pregnancy is confirmed with the clinical test.

When Do You Need Ivf?

All the infertile conditions that are preventing a couple from having their biological baby are termed infertility issues which demand to be coped up with the help of the IVF procedure.

Female Infertility Male Infertility
Blockage in the fallopian tubes Negligible sperm production
Endometriosis No Sperm production at all
Ovulatory Problems Ejaculatory issues
Previous Tubal Sterilization Ejaculatory duct lelockage
Uterine Fibroids Sperm Motility

Note: If the sexual intercourse is not being done in the fertile days, then the couple should not expect the conception.

Also in many cases, the causes of infertility are usually unexplained.

Factors – That Decides Whether The Procedure Will Be Successful Or Not?

There are so many factors that decide whether the procedure is going to be successful or not. But Dr Shuchita Batra Goyal is going to mention a few:

  • Age

The couple should opt for the IVF procedure before stepping into advanced maternal age.

  • Previous Pregnancies

If the woman had earlier undergone a successful pregnancy, then the chances for her to conceive with IVF increases significantly.

  • Lifestyle

If the woman is not leading a healthy lifestyle, then it will be difficult for her to have a baby.