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10 high-risk factors that can decrease success your of vitro fertilization (IVF)

1. *Advanced Maternal Age:*

Women over the age of 35 have a higher risk of complications during pregnancy and lower IVF success rates.

2. *Diminished Ovarian Reserve:*

A decreased number of eggs or poor egg quality can reduce the chances of successful IVF.

3. *Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):*

PCOS can affect hormone levels and ovulation, making IVF more challenging.

4. *Endometriosis:*

This condition can lead to pelvic scarring and affect the function of the fallopian tubes, potentially reducing IVF success.

5. *Uterine Fibroids:*

Large or multiple fibroids in the uterus can interfere with embryo implantation.

6. *Tubal Factor Infertility:*

Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes can necessitate IVF but may also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies.

7. *Male Factor Infertility:*

Male infertility issues, such as low sperm count or poor sperm quality, can affect IVF success rates.

8. *Obesity:*

Excess body weight can lead to hormonal imbalances and interfere with fertility treatments, including IVF.

9. *Multiple Failed IVF Cycles:*

Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts may indicate underlying fertility issues that can be high-risk.

10. *Pre-existing Medical Conditions:*

Conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or autoimmune disorders can complicate IVF treatment and pregnancy.

It’s essential to consult with a reproductive specialist who can assess your individual risk factors and develop a personalized treatment plan that takes these factors into account. While these conditions may increase the risk associated with IVF, advances in fertility medicine have improved the chances of successful outcomes even in high-risk cases.

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1. Gursharan Kaur

Dr. Shuchita Batra Goyal mam is the best gynaecologist I have ever met. I am having PCOD since 2017 due to which I was facing issues in conceiving. I consulted with her and she started the treatment, and within one month I took the pregnancy test and got positive results. I am extremely happy and grateful. A huge thanks to her and her team.

2. Sona Bharadwaj

I was struggling to conceive, tried various treatments and was emotionally and physically drained than i came across shuchita mam
We are so grateful for her knowledge and expertise in fertility. She is always approachable for her patients.
Now thanks to her we are thrilled to be expecting.

3. Manisha Verma –

Highly recommended for the infertility treatment. In my case, Doctor given me a few medicines and within a month got the desired results. I really liked the way, she listens to the problem and understand. Thanks a lot…🙏

4. Jasvir Kaur-

Dr. Shuchita is very humble and supporting. Her attitude towards everyone is very friendly. With her guidance and medication, i got conceived after 9 years. I really thankful to her, she is the best gyne doctor. I recommend every girl to visit Dr. Shuchita who have complications or any type of doubt.
Thanku so much mam


1. A 27 yr female with known case of PCOS for past 3 years, had periods only after medications. She came to India for fertility treatment for 2 months. She and her husband were put on supplement medications while in canada, and lifestyle modifications advised (Low sugar and fat diet, with daily intensive exercise). ovulation induction started once they reached India. No egg (ovum ) seen on ultrasound, so the gonadotropins were started. Ovulation occurred on day 18, IUI was done, and progesterone started. She conceived in 1 st cycle of treatment.

2. A 36 years female, married for 7 year, had decrease in periods flow. She had decreased AMH suggesting low ovarian reserve. She was started on fertility supplements and DHEA to improve her ovum quality. Ovulation induction done with oral tablets followed by Gonadotropins. She conceived by IUI in 2 nd cycle.

3. A couple, Female age 32 yrs with decreased ovarian reserve, Male 34 yrs with decreased sperm counts. Both started on gamete improving medicines. Ovulation induction done and they conceived in 4th cycle by IUI.

4. A couple with 2 years infertility, with female having PCOS and obesity. She was motivated to lose weight and then ovulation induction started after 2 months. Couple conceived in 2 nd cycle with oral ovulogens and insulin sensitizers.

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