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Which stages of IVF does a couple have to go through for conception?

Each one of us has heard about the assisted reproductive technologies carried out at the IVF Centre in Punjab. There are so many fertility treatments available across the field. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, The amelioration of IVF is done daily since whatever new research takes place gets incorporated into the characteristics of the particular procedure. This is probably the main reason why the belief of people in IVF and other fertility procedures keeps on getting increased. 

So, let’s try to learn about the procedure in depth: 

Basics of the IVF 


IVF is an acronym whose full form is In-vitro fertilization. It is one of the fertility treatments that is being relied on by many couples. It was earlier known as the test tube baby treatment. Even today, many couples denote this process as the test tube baby fertility treatment. It is because the egg becomes an embryo in the test tube. So this procedure involves the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Initial consultation

When the couples have thought about taking up the IVF treatment. First of all, the doctor calls them for a meeting in which both the doctor and the couple get to know each other. 

  • Step 2: Diagnosis

In this step, the cause of the fertility is aimed to be diagnosed with several fertility tests. When the cause is determined, then the type of fertility treatment that is to be taken into account for the conception is determined. 

  • Step 3: Changes in the lifestyle before the procedure 

When the procedure is determined, the next step involves the maintenance of health to ensure the success of the procedure. Before the procedure, the doctor provides several goals to the patients to achieve like: 

  • Putting on or losing weight 
  • Healthy changes in dietary habits 
  • Practising yoga or exercise during the day 


  • Step 4: Intake of ovary stimulation-oriented medications

For the generation of the eggs with the required characteristics. The female is instructed to take several medications to stimulate the ovaries. 

  • Step 5: Eggs are taken out 

When the eggs have been generated, they are supposed to be extracted from the body of the female. 

  • Step 6: A sperm sample is taken 

The semen is taken from which the sperms of the best quality are extracted. 

  • Step 7: Mixing of eggs and the sperms

In this step, the sperms are mixed with the eggs, which is known as fertilisation and the resulting outcome is known as the embryo. 

  • Step 8: the embryo is observed

Now, the prepared embryo is observed for 4 to 5 days, which is known as the incubation period. 

  • Step 9: Implantation 

The implantation of the embryo is done in the uterus. 

  • Step10: Pregnancy test 

No sooner than two weeks after the fertility treatment has passed, the patient takes the pregnancy test. 

Bottom Line 

The couple has to follow some precautions and preventions to make sure that the pregnancy is to be carried out till the end.