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What is IVF? Is it a better option for infertility-related problems?

No doubt, the commencement of the IVF procedure can fill you with excitement. According to the gynaecologist in Ludhiana, “This procedure is deemed as the last resort of the infertility problems if all the other procedures have failed.” You should visit the Best IVF centre in Punjab in the first place if any of the treatments the following are needed

  • Need of the gestational carrier 
  • If the donated egg has to be used 
  • Blockage in the fallopian tubes 
  • Male infertility 
  • When the preserved eggs are to be used 

Let’s get to know about the IVF treatment: 

First of all, we shall understand the literal meaning of IVF. IVF stands for In vitro fertilisation. In vitro means the procedure carried out in the lab, and by fertilisation, we mean the conception. 

  • Mechanism of IVF 

The procedure aims to extract more than two eggs with the use of the transvaginal ultrasound-guided needle. The extracted eggs, along with the sperms, which are collected from the semen sample, are placed in the specialised petri dish. 

  • ICSI

There are several cases in which the sperm needs extra care in fertilisation. In those cases, the ICSI technique is usually counted on. This is one of the best assisted reproductive technologies to date to deal with sperm-related problems. 

  • Importance of the ovary stimulation 

Before the extraction of the eggs, the ovaries are to be stimulated. Because without stimulation, the ovaries can not mature more than one or two eggs. 

  • Success rates 

IVF usually comes out to be successful. In the rarest cases, when the couples show a negligent attitude toward post-operative care, only then can the results come out to be disheartening.

But there is no need to take tension in that case since repeated treatment cycles can help increase the chances of a successful conception. 

  • Costs

We know that owing to the COVID crisis, the financial condition of the people is not so good, and so the couple who is suffering from infertility issues are quintessentially worried about the costs. But the good news for the parents-to-be is that the cost of the Ivf is significantly low, which you may describe as inexpensive. 


The costs can only come out to be higher if you are willing to get the combined treatment, which may include the following with IVF: 

  • ICSI 
  • PGT 
  • Assisted Hatching 
  • An egg donor 
  • Gestational Carrier 


  • Risks

There is usually no risk associated with the IVF procedure. The initial conception process is done through manual effort, but the rest of the process is completely natural and does not require any manual interference. 

Bottom Line 

Weighing the pros and cons before taking up a certain procedure is a wise thing for couples to do. So, if you have got to know everything about IVF, then visit an infertility centre that is recognized to provide guaranteed results.