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Hymenoplasty: 5 Things You Need To Know To Revive Your Virginity

Medical science is advancing. Certain surgical and non- surgical treatments have the power to improve patients’ self-confidence in addition to treating diseases and injuries. One of them is hymenoplasty.

What is Hymenoplasty?

The surgical intervention known as hymenoplasty is frequently chosen by women to repair their damaged hymens and, in some circumstances, to produce one for those who were born without one. It is believed that a woman’s hymen, a thin membrane in the lower part of the vagina, attests to her virginity. With more women participating in sports and fitness, the hymen is regularly ruptured even before sexual activity.

Why do females have hymenoplasty?

A hymen serves no real role anatomically. The hymen may even rupture during physically demanding activities like sports and workouts, although it has important psychological and physical benefits for women. Many factors influence a woman’s decision to undergo a hymenoplasty, including:

A Fresh start: when a woman has a strong desire to get over her past to begin over. Many women view the opportunity to start over presented by their revirginization.

Cultural beliefs: According to some cultural beliefs, some women wish for an intact hymen for their husbands before they get married.

Enhanced sexual experience: The Vaginoplasty surgery frequently done with hymenoplasty operation tightens muscles that may have gotten slack with age or childbirth, combined with vaginal rejuvenation. A more fulfilling and increased sexual experience is the result.

Medical causes: In some females, the hymen is excessively thick and completely encloses the vaginal opening. In these circumstances, a small hole is made in the membrane to let blood flow.

PTSD from sexual assault: In this case, the treatment not only restores the hymen physically but also offers psychological consolation. It gives women the impression that they can lose their virginity to anyone they want.

What time should You go for the procedure?

The choice of a time frame is influenced by the anticipated timing of the intercourse. Women who need the hymen to be cosmetically intact and who need structural integrity should have the surgery done three months before the wedding. But when the timing of a sexual act is precise and the patient wants to bleed, visual integrity is not required. Three weeks before the occasion, the operation is arranged.

Is it safe?

The operation of hymenoplasty is risk-free, and most complications are minor. Postoperative symptoms include discomfort, occasional discharge, unusual bleeding, disorientation, or severe itching can occasionally occur. These cases require immediate medical attention. The process takes about 30 minutes in all. Additionally, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks for full recovery after the treatment. The next day, women can return to their jobs, but they should avoid any stressful situations.

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