Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids treatment

Whom should I consult for hemorrhoid treatment: Gastro doctor or proctologist?

Treatment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or piles are common conditions in which veins around the anus become swollen or inflamed. The piles can even leave behind lumps in and around the anus area. There’s a possibility it will get better on its own, but some patients may require medical assistance for the Piles Treatment in Ludhiana. In many cases, the patients get confused about whom they should consult b/w: Gastroenterologist or Proctologist.

It’s important that you properly analyze everything, like the type and severity of the situation. With that, it’s easier to understand the treatment plan in a better manner. As hemorrhoids are external and internal, depending on which one you have, the doctor will give you the most appropriate treatment. Just make sure that without any delay, you get medical assistance and know the right approach for its management.

Consult the gastroenterologist for hemorrhoids treatment

When you visit the Gastro Hospital in Punjab, the gastro doctor focuses on treating the health conditions of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct, pancreas, and gut. Under the supervision of the gastro doctor, it’s much easier to diagnose the situation, get the most appropriate medications, and understand the lifestyle modifications that are necessary. Not just the test of detailed medical history but the gastro doctor has the brilliance to perform various procedures like:

  • Endoscopy requires a flexible tube to insert safely into the gut
  • Hemorrhoid banding requires the placement of a special rubber band around the presence of hemorrhoids so that blood supply gets stopped.

Proctologist address health concern

The need to consult a proctologist (colorectal surgeon) arises when the medical expert has the brilliance to deal with the health concerns of the rectum and anus. Moreover, he has the expertise to perform the sigmoid colon (proctology). No doubt he can perform treatment for hemorrhoids too. But the treatment offered by the gastro doctor is extremely different and manageable in all possible ways.

Look for an experienced gastro doctor

If you have hemorrhoids, then you should look for an expert who has the expertise and brilliance to handle everything. So make sure to check the doctor’s experience, the type of service they offer, past reviews, success stories, and any other valuable information you can get on the website. Most importantly, make sure the doctor lets you get a proper treatment plan through the initial consultation.

What are the signs you need to get the hemorrhoid treatment?

Hemorrhoids management helps to handle the situation like:

  • Drink enough amount of water
  • Eat healthy food that includes all the fresh and seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Take a warm water bath with potassium pomegranate

All these modifications have proven to provide significant improvement in the state of patients who have small hemorrhoids. Now, here are some of the signs that require you to consult the doctor:

  • Anal pain when you, sir
  • The rectum bleeds and has bright red blood in the stool
  • Tender and hard lumps that can be felt at the bottom
  • The anus area has the presence of swelling and a bulge-like area.
  • Over-the-counter medications did not give you relief