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Foods to eat and foods not to eat during In-Vitro-fertilisation treatment

The healthy characteristics of the egg and the sperm quintessentially depend on the type of food consumed. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, some foods are highly rich in nutrients that are needed by our body, while others may consume some contents that are not fit to be consumed when a couple is determined to conceive. Heading to the IVF Centre in Punjab is not just enough if you eat to induce efforts to conceive; rather, taking care of your health is vital. 

It can be illustrated with the help of a simple example: A couple is trying to conceive, and they have approached an IVF centre so that they can get rid of the complications they are facing in getting pregnant. But the woman keeps on consuming the coffee 2 to 3 times a day and is taking alcohol after a day or two. So, do you think that she would be able to conceive without any complications?

So here we have created a list of foods that you should be taking while you are trying and have even gotten pregnant. 

What to eat during fertility treatment?

  • Zinc-rich foods

Maintaining hormonal balance during fertility treatment is indispensable; zinc-rich foods such as red meat, grains, nuts, etc. help in maintaining such balance.

  • Folic acid 

For the healthy growth of the baby and particularly his spinal cord, it is mandatory for the woman trying to get pregnant to consume good amounts of food rich in folic acid. 

  • Iron-rich food

Iron is crucial for carrying the pregnancy to the end, otherwise, the problems like early baby birth or late baby birth will come to an origin. So iron-rich foods like Pumpkin seeds and oysters should be consumed. 

  • Healthy fats

To generate healthy and good characteristic-oriented eggs, the consumption of food items like olive oil, walnuts and chia seeds are important which are rich in fats. 

  • Protein-rich food

Eggs and dairy products like milk, curd, etc, should be consumed by a woman to maintain the appropriate protein levels in the body. 

  • Keep your body hydrated.

The woman who is trying to get pregnant should keep her body hydrated all the time. Not only drinking plenty of water is crucial, but you can also make use of other healthy homemade shakes and nutritional beverages with the guidance of the doctor.

Do not eat the following during fertility treatment.


  • Raw eggs

Raw eggs are a huge source of getting afflicted with a virus that is responsible for causing food poisoning.

  • Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are the major cause of lowering the chances of the success of fertility treatment. 

  • Refined sugars

Refined sugar is supposed to exert pressure on the liver or the generation of insulin. This sudden and extreme pressure will hurt the reproductive system.


We should try to grab all the nutrients from the food but make sure that we are not consuming any food that is rich in caffeine. Neither should you try seafood, cheese and particularly alcohol.