Patient Testimonials

Satisfactory Treatment Of Obstructive Jaundice By Dr Kartik Goyal At Meritus Hospital

Diseases find you before you find them, and they can spread into your body if not treated appropriately and on time. Our body reacts to our eating habits and lifestyle. A poorly maintained routine can highly affect your health without you even knowing about it. Therefore, it is essential to indulge yourself into a healthy lifestyle and approach medical help as soon as you see the signs of declining health.


In this video, the patient’s son, Rahul, talks about his father’s health condition. The patient had cancer in his gallbladder, which spread to his liver, resulting in Obstructive Jaundice. After consulting Dr Kartik Goyal at Ameritus Hospital, the patient was able to find relief from his condition. The patient contacted the hospital again due to some rising consequences after the first visit. The doctor handled the case with the utmost care to make sure that the person was free of pain and out of the risk zone. 

The patient’s condition was complicated. However, the staff at Ameritus Hospital put all their efforts into treating the patient with care and gentle handling, providing a satisfactory result.