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Experienced Gynecologists in Punjab sharing safety tips for pregnant women

Dr. Shuchita. ‘Pregnant women should not take the stress and follow the safety measures to protect themselves from COVID’

COVID wave has hit all over the world and now the new variant of COVID is another stress among the individuals. Dr. Shuchita Batra who is one of the known Gynecologists in Punjab has shared her views on the same.

She said, ‘The research done till now shows that COVID does not affect the baby growing in a mother’s womb. But it’s necessary to take all the precautionary measures and no need to take the stress. Doing so will help you to fight against the COVID virus. Pregnant women should not think that there will be problems in giving birth naturally and the virus does not increase your chances of C-section’.

Some of the helpful tips shared by Dr. Shuchitra Batra are to protect yourself from the infection. Dr. Shuchita Batra shared:

  • Spend more time outdoors in natural air instead of staying in the AC room.
  • Maintain a distance from those who have a cold and cough.
  • Reach out to the doctor through teleconsultation to avoid getting out again and again.
  • Practice social distancing norms wherever you go.
  • Make sure your diet has Vitamin C, B, and D. Include lemon, green vegetables, and fresh fruits in your diet.