Discussion On Infertility By Dr Suchita Batra

Becoming a mother is a dream of almost every woman. Pregnancy is a magical phase in a woman’s life that can not be described with words. However, this feeling can be hampered due to infertility, preventing a woman from experiencing the feeling of being a mother. 

In this video, Dr Suchita Batra at Ameritus Hospital talks about infertility, its types, causes, risk factors, tests and treatments of infertility. Infertility is a problem that can occur in any man or woman. Infertility is not just restricted to women as, in many cases, infertility is caused by the male partner and not the woman. 


There can be various causes of infertility, which may include your lifestyle, medical condition, consumption of medications or supplements, etc. Both men and women can opt for tests to know about their inability to conceive. The tests will help them to find out the sole reason for infertility, and the detection of the cause will allow them to go for a treatment that best suits their condition. 

Emeritus Hospital is here to provide you with absolute treatment for your health problems, whether it is infertility or any other health complications. Our expert staff provides outstanding service to the patients and ensures that all the concerns and fears associated with their health, as well as the treatment, are addressed. If you are experiencing any health complications, delaying can make the situation worse. Therefore, contact Ameritus Hospital to get a consultation with our expert staff.